my commentary: I've been saying this for a while now, there is a cure for everything and you don't need to take some sort of Rx medication for the rest of your life to supress these "diseases". Disease is a phoney term invented by a profit-oriented medical system designed to create more profits. Never accept that you need a synthetic form of "medication", and never accept that a condition you have is incurable. Everything can be cured naturally, everything.

Channel 4 News | November 13 2005

A British man has allegedly become the first person in the world to beat HIV.

A number of newspapers reported that Andrew Stimpson, 25, was diagnosed with the virus in 2002. He later tested negative in 2003.

Chelsea and Westminster Healthcare NHS Trust, which carried out the tests, now want him to undergo more before it can be established how he apparently beat the disease. Mr Stimpson said he did not take any medication for HIV.

A spokeswoman said: "These tests were accurate and they were his, but what we don't know at the moment is why that has happened, and we want him to come back in for more tests. It is potentially a fantastic thing."

Stimpson was tested three times in August 2002 at the Victoria clinic for sexual health in central London.

The results showed he was producing HIV antibodies to fight the killer disease.

He took vitamins and other dietary supplements in the hopes that this might prevent full-blown Aids from developing.

After impressing doctors with his good health, Stimpson was offered a new test in 2003.

It came back negative, and further tests in December 2003 and March 2004 also proved negative.

He told a newspaper: "It was the last thing I expected. I was astonished. I was baffled too.

"I couldn't understand how anyone could cure themselves of HIV . . . I thought it had to be wrong because no one can recover from HIV, it just doesn't happen."

The tests were re-checked by the Chelsea and Westminster Healthcare NHS Trust and they confirmed all the tests had been accurate.

The case has baffled medical experts and they want to study Mr Stimpson in the hope that they can learn more about beating HIV.

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