Looks like a mainstream source has proven me right once again. It's amazing as to how strong the clutches of industry are around the modern medical/allopathic system.

Flu Vaccines Offer No Protection For The Elderly

Science Direct|Oct. 30, 2006

In a comparison of monthly death rates from 1970-2001, researchers from Italy and the United States found no change in the mortality rate of seniors, even after stepped up efforts to vaccinate this specific age group after the late 1980s.

The study noted that "after the late 1980s, no decline in age-adjusted excess mortality was associated with increasing influenza vaccination distribution primarily targeted for the elderly," suggesting that at least one possibility was that "the vaccine failed to protect the elderly."

Interestingly, the researchers who compiled the numbers concluded that there was a need for better trials with alternative vaccination strategies.Vaccine October 30, 2006; 24(42-43): 6468-6475

Dr. Mercola's Comment:

This study once again reaches the same conclusion as previous studies I've posted, that vaccines don't do anything to lessen the number of older folks who die from the flu.

A review of 71 studies found that flu shots prevent just 25 percent of flu-like illnesses, hospital admissions and flu-related deaths among the elderly. A second review by a Canadian team also found that flu shots given to staff at nursing homes do not decrease cases of flu or lower respiratory tract infections among the patients.

Just a reminder, the numbers the CDC uses to justify the "killer" flu are merely a ruse to scare patients into further injuring their health by taking vaccines (that do nothing for their overall health). Fact is, the few flu-related deaths occur because patients are already sick and have compromised immune systems.

In most people the flu shot does not prevent illness, but actually does just the opposite — it weakens your immune system and makes you more predisposed to the illness. They're also loaded with neurotoxic substances like mercury and aluminum.

The best means to protect your body — young or old — naturally and safely from the flu involves following seven important guidelines to keep your immune system strong.

To add insult to injury, after this report was released to the media the CDC announced that:

They are worried that an abundance of unused flu vaccine this year may lead to millions of doses being thrown out, discouraging manufacturers from making as much in the future."

Imagine that these drug manufacturers might lose money and not make more of their toxic brews to poison kids and pregnant women in the future. What a pity. Perhaps we should all rally to their defense, sacrifice ourselves and go out and get some flu shots for ourselves and our family so they will keep their stock values high.

Alternatives to the Flu Vaccine

Do yourself a favor: don't get vaccinated. You didn't like needles anyway, right? If you really are concerned about preventing yourself from getting these nasty viruses, then the solution is simple: boost your immune system!

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