Soda is a major addiction for many people today; especially in America. With its high amounts of sugar and caffeine, it really hits you with a 1-2 punch that leaves many down for the count when they try to get rid of it. Most Americans are already addicted to sugar and caffeine without the unnecessary aide of Colas, so consuming these just makes it even worse. Many people have severe withdrawals when trying to get off of them and this makes it nearly impossible for too many. It's interesting to note that the founder of Coca-Cola was a war veteran who was looking for something to get him off his addiction to morphine, so he made a concoction of the coca leaf (cocaine) and the cola nut (caffeine). Soda has always been meant to be addictive, ever since its creation!

I used to drink a 24 pack of soda every week by myself and I did this for a few years. Now however, I have not touched any soda in well over a year. What worked for me, was seeing the repercussions that were being done to my teeth (major cavities and I had no insurance) and then later understanding what happens to our body when we drink even just 1 soda. There are a number of methods people try to get off soda, and I will outline all the ones I know of here.

The first method to always try is that of crowding out. Replace good foods with bad foods and eventually the bad foods will go away. Many people suggest drinking more tea and/or water instead of Soda to try to get it out of your diet (you can also try juice if you are not fond of tap water or tea). I've found that it's important to always have something around as an alternative; something to keep you hydrated. Since I'm thirsty all the time, I always have my Sport Berkey with me, but if your level of thirst isn't crazy like mine, then that may not be necessary. Generally, the first step is to always find something to replace the soda. If you find that you're getting headaches from caffeine and sugar withdrawals, then try to gradually reduce the amount of soda you drink each day.

There are other methods to try, of course. Dr. Mercola outlined a method called Turbo Tapping which you can read about in this article, and also, Mike Adams wrote a book called “The Five Softdrink Monsters: how to finally kick the soft drink habit for good”.

Recently I watched a 3-part documentary entitled The Cola Conquest. You can view all 3 parts on Google video for free:

Of course, if you don't have the patience or interest to sit through 3, 50min films, there is always the film Coke VS Pepsi: A Duel Between Giants; which (basically) is an outline of The Cola Conquest.

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