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“The only wholly safe vaccine is one that is never used”
former director of the National Institute of Health Dr. James R. Shannon

For all our lives we have been told to get vaccinated because it will help make us immune to such things as chicken pox. the flu, and a number of other communicable diseases. Likewise, we are told that through the benefit of the public being vaccinated routinely from birth has helped to wipe out other diseases like smallpox. Sadly, all of this is one big fat lie. Vaccines are not good for anyone and they don’t make you any more immune to disease than you were before. This may come as shocking news to some, because indeed by theory, it seems like vaccines should work, but that is simply not the case when one looks into the subject.

Again and again I see reports of how vaccines simply don’t work. From the flu in both the young and elderly, to HPV, to chicken pox, none of these are effective at all; even tetanus shots – believe it or not – are largely worthless. What I have found in my research is that people are actually less at risk of exposure when they are not vaccinated. reported that:

In a pro-vaccine study published in 1993 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the children in the control group who didn’t receive the vaccine also experienced a drastic reduction in the cases of Hib infection – from 99.3 to 68.5 per 100,000.

The latest problem arising from the use of vaccines is that they can cause the body to develop viral “mutants” and even spread the newly created disease to the population at large. Since viral mutants are rarely detected in blood donor screening, they can easily be transmitted through donated blood. This way, the original vaccines may be able to wipe out the strains of virus that are known to cause these various diseases, but in the same stroke they cause other mutant strains of virus to thrive.

Some people however adopt the “better safe than sorry” approach to vaccinations and feel that it “can’t hurt” to get vaccinated anyway. Unfortunately, vaccines do much more harm than good. Vaccines are littered with horrible contaminants that can negatively affect the body. Ethylene glycol (antifreeze), Phenol, Formaldehyde, Neomycin and Streptomycin (antibiotics) are some of the ingredients in vaccines! But what’s worse is the mercury preservatives known as “thimerosal” that is in most vaccines – even children’s vaccines.

Mercury is a neurotoxin, but I really don’t need to tell you that. Though apparently, someone thought it’d somehow be different if we injected this toxic substance into our bodies. In the article The great thimerosal cover-up: Mercury, vaccines, autism and your child’s health, Dawn Prate makes a very good note:

You have probably seen your nurse insert a syringe into a large vial, extract some liquid, and then leave a substantial amount of vaccine in the original container. If you’ve witnessed this seemingly benign procedure, you’ve seen how vaccine manufacturers are saving money at the expense of public health. In order to store larger amounts of vaccine at a lower cost, companies began offering “multi-dose units” while adding preservatives to prevent contaminations. That way doctors can open and close a vaccine container, inviting germs into the once-sterile solution, while assuring the public that those contaminants are quickly killed by the preservative.

Sound familiar? It’s the same story of corporate America’s love affair with preservatives. It saves them money, while posing an undue risk to your health. But like many toxic preservatives found in food, a vaccine preservative kills more than just bacteria and fungi; it can lead to extensive neurological damage in your children, and has even been implicated in autism.

Now this is some real audacity here. Not only is this chemical being used to save someone else a buck, but it’s at the risk of our own health. Mercury in vaccines is the biggest threat to children, and we are seeing that mostly in the argument over its link to autism. There have been counter claims by the Journal of Pediatrics which tried to claim that mercury will make a child smarter and have better behaviour (see the news report yourself), and in 1929 Eli Lilly and Co. – whom were the first to introduce these tainted vaccines – did a study of the effects of mercury on the human body with a number of meningitis patients and the next year when the study was published, it was claimed that the mercury in the vaccines was of a “very low toxicity” and that it is perfectly safe to inject this into humans. What the public didn’t know back then was that this company hired its own doctors to conduct this study. So now we can see how such nonsense is passed off as fact: simple conflicts of interest.


You mean to tell me that since 1929, we’ve been using thimerosal, and the only test that you know of is from 1929, and every one of those people had meningitis, and they all died?
– Congressman Dan Burton (R-Indiana) 06/20/2002


The great thimerosal cover-up continues on, adding:

That might explain why thimerosal was eliminated in many countries 20 years ago. In 1977, a Russian study found that adults exposed to ethylmercury, the form of mercury in thimerosal, suffered brain damage years later. Studies on thimerosal poisoning also describe tubular necrosis and nervous system injury, including obtundation, coma and death. As a result of these findings, Russia banned thimerosal from children’s vaccines in 1980. Denmark, Austria, Japan, Great Britain and all the Scandinavian countries have also banned the preservative.

Eli Lilly stuck to its “scientific” facts, but the truth began slipping between the cracks in 1999. After the number of immunizations rose to 12 to 15 per child, the public finally became privy to the possible dangers of thimerosal. One 1999 study revealed that some infants, due to a genetic or developmental factor, lack the ability to eliminate mercury. Trace amounts of mercury in these infants, when accumulated over several vaccines, could pose a severe health risk. Some vaccines, such as vaccines for hepatitis B, contained as much as 12.5 micrograms of mercury per dose. That’s more than 100 times the EPA’s upper limit standard when administered to infants.

But in reality, 100x EPA safe levels isn’t the worst I’ve seen when it comes to mercury in vaccines. In 2004 the EPA warned not to eat too much fish due to the accumulation of mercury in one’s system, but at the same time, the flu vaccine had mercury levels in it that were 250x what the EPA suggests are safe for the human body.

So what is this mercury doing to us, and to the children that get multiple injections from birth and onward? Health Advocate Mike Adams mentions:

Mercury, of course, is one of the most toxic substances you can put in a human body. It is a heavy metal known to contribute to neurological disorders, including autism, dementia, and even Alzheimer’s disease. Mercury also tends to build up in tissues in the human body and is not easily removed, so even small exposures to mercury can accumulate over time and end up compromising the health of the person involved.

Vaccinations, it turns out, aren’t really good medicine at all. Vaccinations have been known to kill children or cause severe reactions that injure them for life. As more and more parents are educating themselves about the dangers of vaccines in the United States and elsewhere, they are avoiding giving their children these vaccines, and thereby protecting the health of their children. Mercury isn’t the only toxin known to be contained in vaccines — vaccines present many other health risks, including the potential for autoimmune disorders such as type 1 diabetes.

The biggest problem amongst children has been the development of autism, and in the past few years the outrage over this has been boiling. There are a number of websites and activist groups now that are formed of outraged parents that are seeking answers as to why this is being given to children since obviously they are not safe.

But now the question is why? Why would Government agencies permit all this to go on if people were getting negatively affected by this, and certainly why would modern medicine continue this practice if the science that shows its efficiency simply isn’t there? The answer is very simple: money. Giant corporations make a lot of money off of everyone getting vaccinated every year and we must bear in mind that the Medical-Industrial complex has really taken hold of modern medicine and has distorted it. In modern medicine these days, common procedures are simply a mantra that are repeated over and over and anyone who dares to step out of line and speak against the fraud that is going on is simply labeled as a “quack”. Many doctors do not understand that what they are promoting is counter-productive to their well-meaning intentions. When we are lead to believe that our modern medicine is the result of the very best science can give us, and do not realize all of the bribery and deception that continues on from biased studies to bribery in medical publications, it is easy to be fooled.

Due to this deception and fraud, the health of many innocent children have been put at risk. Just last year Texas Governor Rick Perry tried to tell parents that by law they had to get their children vaccinated, and that is not the case. Let me be clear: aside from new laws in New Jersey, there is no law that says you must vaccinate yourself nor your child. Schools will try to tell you there is a law, and of course many Doctors will try to tell you that there is a law, but that is not true. Even for schools that require children to be vaccinated, it can be contested. Activist organization Vaccine Liberation actually has exemption information for parents that don’t want their children to be vaccinated and they list this on a state to state basis so you can be informed of what the laws actually say.

On the issue of vaccines, the amount information available is simply astounding. Despite all that I’ve covered here, this is just scratching the surface; I haven’t even gotten into the issue of supposedly eradicated viruses! I strongly recommend everyone educate themselves further on this issue because it is becoming one of health freedom. There are medical groups that want everyone to be forced to get vaccinated whether they like it or not, and that is absolutely absurd. The best way to fight this, is to get informed and to contact your state representatives about all of this.

For more information, I strongly recommend the following:

Vaccines: The Risks, The Benefits, The Choices
This is a phenominal 3-hour long documentary film presented by an actual physician who one day came to realize that what she learned about vaccines was a lie. In this presentation, she covers – I believe – each vaccine individually and outlines the problems with them.

Vaccine Nation, by Dr. Gary Null
Both a 362pg e-book and a documentary film, this is massive and offers a wealth of information. The film is still in production, but I have read the book and it is astounding with the amount of information that is offered. Of particular note is the detailed history of vaccines.

In addition, there are some notable websites as well. Those being and http

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